VarI-COSI: Identification and annotation of genetic variants in the context of structure, function, and disease.


WHAT: Variant Interpretation Session at the Virtual ISMB Conference 2020
WHEN: 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM, July 15th, 2020
WHERE: Online Meeting.

VarI-COSI Session 2020 - Final Program

Due to the COVID19 emergency this year the ISMB conference takes place virtually from July 13-16, 2020. The virtual conference platform will feature live talks, pre-recorded sessions, a virtual exhibit hall, a virtual poster hall, on-demand talks and features that will allow the participants to interact while viewing the sessions including a Q&A feature.


The primary goal of the VarI-COSI is to outline and discuss the recent advances in the methodology for the annotation and analysis of genetic variants. Building upon the experience of the previous VarI-SIG and SNP-SIG editions: and other international workshops and meetings (e.g. AIMM2010, CAGI, HGVS 2010 and PSB2011) the VarI-COSI will serve to build a research network , facilitating the exchange of ideas and the establishment of new collaborations within the community. Thus, Vari-COSI will strive to meaningfully contribute to the management of the complexity of the analysis and evaluation of genetic variants.

We are interested in submissions describing original work in all the fields of genetic variants research including, but not limited to "genetic variants in":

  • sequence analysis
  • protein structure and function
  • protein interactions and molecular networks
  • transcriptomics and gene regulation
  • disease models and epidemiology
  • population genetics and evolution
  • comparative genomics


    Databases, data mining algorithms and visualization tools for genetic variants analysis

    Methods for predicting regulatory/structural/functional impacts of genetic variants

    Personal Genomics, GWAS studies and SNV prioritization

    Population genomics and phylogenetic analysis