We are soliciting high-quality research posters in any aspect of computational biology dealing with analysis, annotation, visualization, and storage of genome variation data, including the following areas:

  • Databases, data mining algorithms and visualization tools for genetic variant analysis.
  • Methods for predicting regulatory/structural/functional impacts of genetic variants.
  • Personal Genomics, GWAS studies and SNV prioritization.
  • Population genomics and phylogenetic analysis.


    Posters are intended to convey a scientific result and are not advertisements for commercial software packages. There will be sponsorship slots available for the VarI-COSI session by contacting the organizers. A poster that is judged by the conference organizers to be an advertisement will be subject to removal without notice.

    Posters submitted may cover any area of computational or experimental genome variation biology. Posters presenting original work that is unpublished or published after August 1, 2018 are preferred.

    Poster submission deadline is scheduled on April 5. The submitted posters will be reviewed by the poster session chair and notification of acceptance will be provided to the corresponding author no later than May 3, 2018. Late poster submission will open on April 9, 2018 and will close on May 3, 2018. The final notification will be sent out on May 22, 2018. Accepted posters could be also presented in the general conference poster session, submitting them separately on the main conference poster track. General conference poster session guidelines will apply to all poster presenters.

    Authors of accepted posters may be eligible to apply for Conference Travel Fellowships. Space for posters is limited, and while we will make every effort to accommodate all interested groups, we advise you to submit your poster well before the deadline.

    You must submit a 250 word poster abstract that will be included in the electronic VarI-COSI and general conference programs and posted on the general conference web site.

    The abstract should not contain your title/position or any personal information (e.g. affiliation). There is a maximum of one poster per presenting author. The presenting author of a poster must be registered delegate and be available at the poster session to which their poster is assigned. Posters accepted for the main ISMB conference during the poster sessions of the general conference. The authors of the VarI-COSI posters should be present and available to discuss their posters. The schedule for the general conference Poster Sessions with Authors will be announces. Authors should be prepared in advanced to be available to present on their assigned day.

    The ideal poster size should be max. 1.30 m (130 cm) high x 0.90 m (90 cm) wide. Fasteners (Velcro / double sided tape) will be provided at the site, please DO NOT bring tape, tacks or pins.

    The conference organizers will not offer tables for laptop computer demos during the poster session. All abstracts will be considered a "personal communication" to the conference attendees. Abstracts will not be published in the proceedings, but will appear in the program and on the general conference website.

    Individuals may choose to submit a poster presenting a review of a specific field or technique. These submissions do not need to contain original work from the author and are intended to be an introduction for individuals not familiar with the field or technique. These review are not meant to be advertisements (e.g. it is not acceptable that the poster is an advertisement for a book or other type of commercial publication)